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Can my organization table during market days?

If you are a non-profit or social service organization, we allow a limited number of participants to set up tables in available open spaces in our market for free. No for-profit businesses are allowed. Please stop by to talk with us at the market information tent or email us at to sign up. 

May we collect donations?

Our generous farmers donate nearly 1,000 pounds of produce each market day for our most needy neighbors. We currently have a waiting list to collect donations from farmers on market days.   You must be a community benefit organization to sign up. If you are given permission to collect on your requested day, you must obtain a badge illustrating your approved status. You are required to take all donated items with you and dispose of unwanted items off site.  

May we schedule a market tour?

Sure!  Email us at or send us a message here. 

How can I sell at the market? 

If you have an existing business, you may download the Heart of the City Farmers' Market New Vendor Application. Once you have completed your application and included all the required documents, mail the application to: 

Heart of the City Farmers' Market
New Vendor Request
1182 Market Street, Suite 412
San Francisco, CA94102

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to advise you on how to set up a new business in San Francisco. We get many applications and have a very small staff team, so we apologize that we cannot contact everyone who applies. There is no application fee.

FARMERS: Farmers must have a certified producer's certificate to be eligible. You must also have general commercial liability insurance with a policy limit of at least $1 million. Available room for new certified producers is very limited and we are currently only accepting new organic farmers. We also accept non-certifiable agriculture producers such as grass-fed meat and cheese. To get on our waiting list, please fill out the application above and mail it to us. Please read the market's rules and regulations carefully (included in the application packet) to ensure you can meet all requirements to sell at the market.

PREPARED FOOD VENDORS: We also accept a limited number of vendors who sell edible products not produced on a farm, including prepackaged and hot foods.

Prepared food vendors must have a business license/permit from Department of Public Health, business registration, food handler's permit for each seller, and general commercial liability insurance with a policy limit of at least $1 million. Please research Department of Public Health (DPH) requirements before approaching us for information on how to start a new business, since we have a very small staff team with limited resources to devote to training for non-vendors. Information on DPH permitting can be found here. Farmers market prepared food vendors are permitted by DPH in one of four ways. You must have permission to sell in writing from a farmers market before applying.

Temporary Event Vendor: These vendors prepare hot food (and certain other foods such as smoothies) on site at the market in a 10'x10' enclosed tent. The fee is $250 per quarter paid to the farmers market manager, then the farmers market manager pays DPH to obtain your permit for you. Do not approach DPH directly for this permit. You must pay this quarterly fee separately for every location at which you operate. You must rent a commercial kitchen space to sanitize your equipment. A fire permit might also be required.  Please submit this application along with your Heart of the City Farmers Market application:

Mobile Food Facility: These vendors operate out of DPH-approved mobile food truck. The permit fee is approximately $400 per year with a one-time application fee of approximately $400 and will apply for all locations at which you have written permission to sell. A fire permit might also be required.

Retail Food Vendor: These vendors prepare their food off-site in a commercial kitchen and prepackage it to sell at the farmers market. The permit fee is approximately $400 per year with a one-time application fee of approximately $400.  You must obtain a separate permit for every location at which you operate.

Cottage Food Vendor: A new law allows certain businesses to cook low-hazard food items in their home kitchens to sell at farmers markets with reduced permit fees, without requiring a commercial kitchen to operate. Please indicate on your application if you are a cottage food business. For more information visit:



Where are you located?

You can find us every Wednesday and Sunday year-round at San Francisco's United Nations Plaza, located along Market Street between 7th and 8th Streets above Civic Center BART Station.  Our Market Information Tent is near the corner of Hyde and Fulton.


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