EatSF Vouchers Help Us Bridge the Gap

Because some low-income residents in San Francisco may not qualify for EBT, Heart of the City Farmers Market has teamed up with the EatSF healthy food program, which provides vouchers for free fruits and vegetables to low-income San Franciscans.  Participants of this program may use their vouchers at our market information tent to receive tokens to shop for healthy produce from our local farmers.  This has generated over $50,000 in extra revenue for small farms so far.

EatSF assists low-income San Franciscans with basic needs related to food and health. The program facilitates healthy eating, extends food budgets, drives the local supply of produce, and enhances the economic health of low-income communities. “The EatSF program is a win-win. It helps low-income SF residents afford healthy produce, which improves health. It also helps address food deserts by supporting the ability of food vendors to stock healthy produce.” Dr. Tomás Aragón, Health Officer, San Francisco Department of Public Health

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